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Night Rider 61

By Loes de Vries, September 11, 2002 | Music
This new release from the Famous Groove label is finally out now. Better late then never can we say, because this release was already expected last year. Unfortunately if I may say so …

Why? Because there is no real new material on it. Although the makers wants us to believe take 1 of Night Rider is totally new for all of us fans….maybe it was before the release of the Cool Romeo Box: The Unsurpassed Masters, but not any more.

Still this release is worth buying for those who couldn’t afford that one. It gives us the sessions of October the 15 & 16th, 1961 (except for the masters due lake of time) in a very good quality.


The pictures on the front and the inside are tasteful. Personally I would have liked a little more information. We have to do it with the track listing only and the take numbers. The makers have chosen to mix the tracks, so the whole release has become nice to listen to. But of course there also will be people who would have liked otherwise.


Let’s listen to this one carefully…

Night Rider- take 1 starts with a false start …wondering where the Jordanaires are ….but then take 1 begins ... Slightly different at first then what we all know so well, but the sax is having a big party here. I love it!

Take 2 is next…..and no big surprises here. But what a lovely song this is …the tempo is catching me right from the start….and makes me move the volume up to 10.

For The Millionth And The Last Time is such a beautiful song, that all 11 takes are magic for your ears. The sound quality is stunning! Anything That’s Part Of Me is my personal favourite ever since I was a very little girl. We can enjoy 9 takes of this love song and enjoy Elvis of course. How warm and sensual his voice is here ... and stays that way each time he has to start all over again! It makes me respect him even more.

I Met Her Today is a very touching ballad, which reaches my heart every time I hear it. All 20 takes are a pleasure to listen to, even hearing them over and over again. Good Luck Charm is besides Night Rider the only up tempo song on this release and a nice break. We get 3 takes.


This release is maybe a bit late, but for most fans a real treasure. Unfortunately for the makers the Cool Romeo Box released all of it last month. But still I am glad to have it in my collection and this will be one of those release I can listen to many times.