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FTD Coverart

By Geert Hof, September 10, 2002 | Other
Back in 1999 when the first FTD album was released, I was very surprised about the coverart. O.K. it's in a digipack that's already quite simple, but why no jewelcase for more liner notes it is a special product for the fans? So do something about it!

The layout is most of the times very simple, for example: '6363 Sunset' a very blurry picture on front and we do not talk about the inside or back which is also very simple. Example nr.2: 'In A Private Moment', there are so much good army pictures ... but no they have to use pictures that we've already seen before about thousand times. And the picture on the front wasn't complete we missed a pieces of his head.

Example nr.3: 'Tucson '76', again bad pictures used for this cover. And so I can go on with all the other covers. Please spend some more time in the coverart. It's a sin that these collectors CDs don't have a better look.

I know not everyone buys them only for the coverart, but it counts. I mean the FTD staff knows already three or four months before what the next release is, so why not take the time for the covers? But that's just my opinion.

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