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Sergeant Presley By Marshall Terrill

By Mary McLaughlin, July 14, 2002 | Book
Rex Mansfield was inducted along with Elvis Presley . Shipped out together to Texas and later to Germany , Rex gives a wonderful accounting of those army days and nights . As he and Elvis became friends , Rex got to know Elvis the man, not only the idol.

He learned that you do not cross him, question him or disagree with what he is telling you. He realized the friendship would be instantly over if the rules were not followed. This was accepted because of the happiness and pride that Rex felt as the friend of Elvis Presley.

Elizabeth tells her story of love and infatuation with Elvis. As the daughter of an army officer, she lived on the base. Knowing that Elvis and friends went to the movies on the base almost nightly, she connived to meet him for an autograph. A friendship developed and soon she was asked to live in his home as a secretary answering all the fan mail. All her secret wishes then became a reality. Grandma Minnie Mae loved Elizabeth and also was most fond of Rex. She secretly arranged for them to date . A love developed between them and then: The fear. What if Elvis found out. They each describe the inner torment they went thru. To be together meant there would be no more Elvis in their lives. Were they both able to face that? Elizabeth was told she'd be going home with Elvis to Graceland . Rex knew he would be there also. They did not even allow a glance at each other for fear of 'being caught' and they knew they couldn't have it both ways. Were they each able to give up a fabulous life for the sake of their love for each other? Constantly pursued by the girls, Elvis would never settle down . Elizabeth knew that. Then there was Priscilla and scores of other girls in Germany, Anita Wood and yes scores of others in Memphis and Hollywood.

The author brings to us the pain and uncertainty , and the heartbreaking torment that they endured as they decided that their love meant more than anything else. For Elvis fans this book is a must. Everything you ever wanted to know about his army days . Rex was by his side from induction, traveled with him to Texas, and then to Germany. Also very interesting is the way Elvis did exactly what everyone else had to do. . No special treatment for him during the demanding training. The book goes into detail about the hardships that had to be conquered . I highly recommend this book.

Mary McLaughlin