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Another Night In Tahoe

June 13, 2002 | Music

Although the picture on the cover by itself isn't too bad, we wonder which of the many pictures of Elvis used in this digi pack belongs to the concert (April 30 1976) we are listening to. Again no no additional information on the content and lousy print quality.


The CD opens with CC Rider which suddenly stops with Elvis saying "we can't do that on stage" ... a lot of laughter, but the sound quality of this audience recording is too bad to understand it all. On the next song "I Got A Woman" the performance is stopped again, this time due to sound problems.

The song line-up is pretty standard for this period. And in contrary to the other releases on this label Elvis seems to be in a better mood and and tries to do well on the standards and looks to be enjoying himself on stage. A bit too much we guess since too many songs are messed up. Song number seven "All Shook Up" doesn't make it to the end in one try either.

We don't know where the microphone was positioned while recording this concert, but it must have been near to the bass speakers or the mixing on this CD was done as poorly as the design. It has far to much low noise is it, ands David Briggs' electronic piano is too much on the foreground sometimes giving making the sound kind of "electronic" in stead of the sound of the real instruments (we know are on stage).

The band introductions are a bit different from the other releases since not Glen D. Hardin but Tony Brown plays the piano and uses a different song for introducing himself. After the introduction of David Briggs the tape probably ran out since we fall into the middle of "Love Letters".

"Hurt" isn't messed up, but gets the usual reprise treatment. And with two quickie versions of "Hound Dog" and "Jailhouse Rock" we get the always beautiful "American Trilogy" and finally "Can't Help Falling in Love" before Elvis walks off the stage.


We're glad to have finished this series of rush releases by Teenager Records. Again, this release is just for the "I want it all" collectors.

Playing time: 64'37/ Sound quality: 4/ Content 4/ Cover Art: 4