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Upstairs At Graceland

By Dan Siciliano, Las Vegas, May 26, 2002 | Other
How many of us, who have been on the tour at Graceland, ever glanced at the staircase leading to the second floor and said to themselves...What if? What if you could take a peak at anything at Graceland you wanted. What would it be? For me, it would be to see the second floor and mostly, Elvis' bedroom. Yes, I said the taboo! I want to see where Elvis' most personal place on earth was, and where he felt most secure. I can see where George Washington slept, where Abraham Lincoln slept and where president Kennedy was assassinated, but why can't we see where the greatest entertainer in the world slept? I have only seen maybe one or two very grainy pictures of what is supposed to be Elvis' bedroom and bathroom, but it's hard to say if the pictures are real. Isn't it time after 25 years that Graceland should show us what the upstairs looks like, and what is on each and every visitor to Graceland's mind!

I know what your thinking, "Graceland said it's private and Lisa and Priscilla don't want the fans up there" and "how would we get everyone up and down without altering the house". Well, this August, between 25,000 and 50,000 fans will gather to pay their respects to the "king" and their is another option ...

How many of us have the "Graceland tour" on VHS or DVD, and how many of us bought it when we were at Graceland. Don't you think that everyone who visits this year would "re-buy" this video if, for the 25th anniversary, they created a "special Edition" tour video with footage of the upstairs and Elvis' bedroom and made this available only thru Graceland and only for the 25th anniversary. I know I would buy one! Hey, Disney pulls stunts like this all the time with their movies, making "special editions" available for only a limited time and then "pulled" from shelves for years!

I once read or saw and interview with, I think Jack Soden, around 10 or 15 years ago, who said that Elvis' bedroom and Bathroom were left "untouched". Jack also said that they had finally been allowed up there and were exploring things and found a 45rpm still on the record player, it was J.D. Sumner's recording.

After all this time I'm sure they have things all put together in the right place and would be able to film the upstairs in a very tasteful way and include it in the "special edition" of the tour video. If Graceland acts now, they still have time to shoot, edit and duplicate the 50,000 videos they would sell during Elvis week 2002, and at a very healthy profit I might add..... "Can I pre-order mine now?...but that's just my opinion!