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Elvis Unlimited Convention 2002

February 28, 2002 | Other
The program for the Danish convention made us say yes without hesitation when Elvis Unlimited invited us to come over to Randers. After a nice welcome diner (who could have dreamed about dining with The Sweet Inspirations!), it became clear that we could get along with Steve Christopher (Elvis On The Air) very well. As a result, we had a great evening with him discussing The King. A pleasant surprise was that Myrna Smith joined us; she is not only a hell of a singer, but also a great person to be around with.

The “new” venue for the convention was a great place. The acoustics of the hall were very good and as usual in Denmark, the atmosphere was perfect. After a short introduction, Al Dvorin tied the audience with his stories. We already knew Mr. Dvorin is an amiable man, and within seconds, the Danish fell for his modesty and his clear admiration for the artist and person Elvis Presley.

The first artist of the day was Doug Church. It is no secret that we do not like impersonators and his performance did not change our mind. We were a vast minority, since the audience obviously enjoyed it very much. Still we think that it is a pity a nice guy like Doug has to do his trick this way, especially since he expressed he would love to do otherwise too.

A live set by Dutch singer Maarten and his band made the visitors party again. With mainly “unusual” Elvis songs, they gave a great tribute to our man. A very good mix of songs throughout Elvis’ career made the time fly. For acoustic version of “Lovin’ Arms” and “Unchained Melody” both Maarten and his guitar player got a standing ovation.

A small auction gave the audience some rest before the main event took place. For the first time ever The Sweet Inspirations sang on a fanclub convention and to us, it is no wonder why they gave Elvis Unlimited that honour. Jason Bloomer & Mondo Carne played an awesome show and The Sweets made it complete. It’s impossible to name highlights, since the show was one big highlight from beginning to end. With a little use of force we can come up with “Just Pretend”, that was a done in a special “goose bumps version”.

After the show, the Sweet Inspirations did a Q and A-session, and then it was time for autographs. Gladly we didn’t have to stand in line for them, since it was a very, very long one. Nevertheless, the guests took their time and were very patient to satisfy the fans.

The Saturday night at the bar was shorter than usual for us, probably due to a very exciting day. After a good night rest we went to Elvis Unlimited’s brand new shop in Randers, which we only knew from pictures so far. The place looks neat, decorated in a very modern straight style. We advise you to visit it whenever you have the chance, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

ElvisNews.com likes to thank Henrik and all other people from Elvis Unlimited for the wonderful weekend.