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What Did This Eve Bring To Elvis

January 01, 2002 | Other
We found this posting on Alt Elvis King, it's fitting for this week so we added it. According to the book "Elvis: Day By Day", this is what Elvis Presley did on this day in history...

1955 - Performed on the Louisiana Hayride at the Municipal Auditorium in Shreveport.

1956 - Elvis is scheduled to appear on Dewey Phillips' new TV show, "Phillips' Pop Shop", between 3:30 and 4:30 P.M.

1962 - There is a fireworks display at Graceland, followed by a party at the Manhattan club for over two hundred friends, family, and fans.

1964 - Elvis rents out the Memphian for New Years Eve.

1965 - Elvis holds a New Years Eve Party at the Manhattan club once again for friends, family, and fans. Among groups and singers that entertain are a local rock group, The Guillotines, the Willie Mitchell Band with Don Bryant on vocals, local soul singer Vaneese Williams (who performs "Hound Dog") and songwriter ("Hold On, I'm Comin') David Porter.

1966 - Further additions to the stable are a sorrel horse named Spurt, a bay horse named Guy, and one chestnut horse. Elvis holds his annual New Year's Eve party at the Manhattan club but does not attend because he cannot find a parking place outside. His guests enjoy catering by Monte's and music from Willie Mitchell and his band.

1967 - Elvis's New Year's Eve party is held for the first time at the Thunderbird Lounge on Adams street and catered by Monte's with music by Flash and The Board Of Directors, Stax recording artists the Bar Keys, Veneese Starks, and Sun Records rockabilly singer Billy Lee Riley. Elvis dances several times with Priscilla, including once to his request of "Summertime."

1968 - Elvis' New Year's Eve party is at the Thunderbird Lounge again this year. Performers are the Short Cuts, Vaneese Starks, Flash and the Board Of Directors, Billy Lee Riley, and B. J. Thomas.

1969 - Elvis's New Year's Eve party is held at T. J.'s, a popular new Memphis club where Alan Fortas is now working. Entertainment is provided by Ronnie Milsap (the house act at T. J.'s), Flash and the Board Of Directors, and Vaneese Starks, with songwriter Mark James performing his song Suspicious Minds.

1970 - Elvis expresses his admiration for J. Edgar Hoover to the FBI agent conducting the tour, remarking in 'private comments' after the tour, as recorded in the agents memo, "that he -- Presley -- is the living proof that America is the land of opportunity' since he rose from truck driver to prominent entertainer almost overnight." Elvis offers to serve in an undercover capacity in any way he can. On the agent's recommendation, J. Edgar Hoover sends Elvis a note on January 4th stating, "your generous comments concerning the Bureau and me are appreciated, and you may be sure we will keep in mind your offer to be of assistance." The entourage flies home just in time for the New Years Eve party at T.J.'s with entertainment provided by Ronnie Milsap.

1971 - Priscilla and Lisa Marie fly back to Los Angeles. Following their departure, Elvis announces to everyone that Priscilla is leaving him. She hasn't told him why, he says, simply that she no longer loves him. Elvis holds a very small private party at Graceland.

1974 - Elvis, in bad health, stays at Graceland this year as the Colonel cancels his January commitments in Vegas.

1975 - Elvis performs his first live show on New Year's Eve in years. For some bizarre reason the Colonel chooses Pontiac Michigan as the site. Elvis breaks the world record with the price paid to him for the show; $800,000.00. The show turns out to be less than perfect, marred by horrible freezing weather, bad sound and a lackluster performance by Elvis who rips his pants at the beginning. Afterwards Elvis flys home with Vernon, Linda, Lisa Marie and T. G. Sheppard and spends the holiday watching Monty Python way into the late hours.

1976 - Elvis' last New Year's Eve has him once again performing live, this time in Pittsburgh. The show turns out to be one of the best of his career, with him in a good mood due to the fact that Ginger is on the road with him. After the show he is told that his cousin Bobbi Mann has died at the age of 38 from an overdose of pills. The whole party returns to Memphis at 6:30 A.M.