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A Year In Review: 2001

January 01, 2002 | Other
The 2001 has a magic ring in the ears of the Elvis fans who all know the opening theme of Elvis' seventies shows. But was 2001, the year Elvis would have become 65, also a "magic" year? We added links to the articles so you can read them back.

Looking back the first highlight of the year was of course the DVD release of the "That's The Way It Is SE" which was screened in a lot of theatres worldwide and keeps finding its way to our DVD player.

Too bad we didn't get the announced extra's. Speaking of DVD's, this format took its place next to the video. Many of Elvis movies were released on DVD. Unfortunately not all releases gave us something extra. Good releases were "TTWII SE" and "The Missing Years", "Classic Albums" and "Elvis The Colonel and Me" from our friend Ed Bonja. "Clambake", "Remembering Elvis" and "Charro" weren't worth the money.

On the CD front we saw a lot of new releases, we guess about a hundred (re)releases came out. Too bad there were also a lot of fake (re)releases on CDR. Better releases of 2001 were the FTD releases "One Night In Vegas" and "The Way it Was", "The Live Greatest Hits" and of course "Live in Las Vegas" Box. A lot of compilation albums were released worldwide getting Elvis back on the charts in countries like Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and of course the U.S.. In Scandinavia Elvis made it to the No. 1 spot with his "Greatest Hits" and "White Christmas" CD's.

2001 also gave us two singles. The first one was "Suspicious Minds", for which even a video was made, and of course "America The beautiful" for the victims of the September 11 disaster. BMG and EPE listened to the fans this time who urged them to release a single to support the victims.

For the import collectors it was a quiet year. not too many releases came out. Some of the CD's which were announced still have to see the light of day. Two of the highlights were the "Totally Stung" and the "Unsurpassed Masters" boxes. They are nice collectables even if they didn't contain too much new material.

On the bookfront it was quiet too this year. One of the exceptions was the Elvis unlimited release "The Hottest Thing That's Cool" in which we saw (again) that you can buy a Ger Rijf book blindly.

In the fun section the Audi "Wackle Doll" was a real success with over one million dolls sold worldwide.

For us two highlights were our trip to Memphis for Elvis Week 2001 with Elvis - The Concert in Elvis' hometown. Another good thing 2001 brought us was the recognition by Elvis Presley Enterprises of ElvisNews as an official internet fan club.

For a full overview, browse through our 2001 archive, you can see 2001 was a good year for the Elvis world. If only the real world could match it.

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