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The Official Elvis Outtake Collectible

December 16, 2001 | Music
Design No, it isn't a CD containing Bette Midler's "The Rose". It's just a design of "cover art" by someone with a saccharine taste. The box is somewhere in between the regular CD-format and a DVD-box. Upon opening the digipack you'll find a painting that obviously should represent Elvis. Disregarding the fact that nothing's better than the real thing on a photograph, it is a very strange painting. Imagine Elvis' "50's"-face (Jailhouse Rock), with 1969 hairdo and clothes, stretch it a bit lengthwise and you'll be pretty close. Below the painting are the phrases "Memories" and "Something Special", well this painting certainly isn't, but hopefully the CD will turn out to be. Reading the text on the back, which causes some stomach-problems because of the purple on pink setting, one finds out that Elvis is, was and always will be "Something Special", well at least we can't deny that. Concluding we can only say that if there was a prize for most boring cover art, this CD will be in the top for sure. Content Collect the outtakes of "US Male" and "Stay Away" from "There's Always Me", "24 Carat" or whatever bootleg you have it on, ask someone to play it for you over the phone while shouting "beep" when Elvis curses and you have the same effect as this CD. Indeed, nothing more or less is what this CD represents. Less than 20 minutes annoyance with one positive site: it makes you enjoy your bootlegs even more. The sound quality is so poor that the average audience recording sounds better. We can only advise to stay away from this product, far away. Every cent spent on this thing is one too much.