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The King Of Rock And Roll

November 18, 2001 | Video
More and more (unofficial) video's on Elvis are being released on the digital format. This time "King of Rock and Roll" or the German title "Sein Leben war Rhythmus", a documentary from 1990.


The package we received when we ordered this DVD from Amazon had a different design than the one shown on the German Amazon site. Comparing the two images, we're not sorry for this.

The fully animated interactive menu on this release is one of the best we've seen on DVD so far. They are done very stylish and give quick access to both the English and German version.


We wish we could be as positive on the content as on the design. The 1990 biography is basic, although it contains more original Elvis footage and original music than other "unofficial" releases it's not very pleasant to watch. The quality is poor and it looks like the movie played in a too high speed. The narrator tells his lines at a very high, if not too high, speed.

Additional content as a biography, discography and movie overview, presented as the end titles of a movie with original music, is nice to have it's not something we would read from a television screen.

The content is presented in both German and English, but listening to the German version you also hear the English narrator in the background which is very annoying. The DVD is Region free in contrary to the Region code mentioned on the Amazon site.


If you have the original video, keep it, if you want to keep your Elvis DVD collection complete, wait until it's on sale.