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Happy New Year From Pontiac 1975

November 10, 2001 | Music

Coverart is too much honour in this case. It has a cover, that's all. Pictures in poor quality, messy design, in other words: not much attention has been paid to the job.


When we saw the first CD has the complete opening acts, we were very anxious to play it. Now we are glad it is only one track, so we can skip it easily. It is terrible! Kahane is hardly audible (and not funny when you can understand him), and the remaining is even worse: No Stamps and no Sweet Inspirations, like usual with the Elvis show. Instead we get two groups that doesn't fit our taste at all. The soundquality is also very poor, but gladly that gets better with Elvis' part of this New Year's Eve event. Allthough Elvis wasn't very happy with the stage (the band was on a different level then he was), he did a fine show, not outstanding, but fine. Unfortunately also on Elvis' show the soundquality differs and during "You Gave Me A Mountain" it is really terrible, which is a sin since it is a great version. Like on "Just Pretend" from earlier that month, "How Great Thou Art" is outstanding. Overall Elvis knew how to play the largest crowd he did ever, and it sounds like he was having a good time. This audience recording is in better quality than the vinyl version of this show, "Changing Pants". That title was because Elvis had to change suits after he split the original.