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Joe Franklin's TV Show

October 30, 2001 | Other
Last week we had an EmaiIInterview with Joe Franklin. In that interview Joe said that he had Elvis on his TV show in 1955. We didn't make any comments, hoping this would start a discussion and when available, giving more evidence than Joe's word. While we are trying to find more information ourselves, we like to give you the opportunity to share your opinion, just like some people did by email.

Here are some of the comments we received during the week after the interview:

"Why is it that not one book on Elvis has ever mentioned this TV appearance. Peter Guralnick, Howard DeWitt, Lee Cotton who have all done an excellent job of covering every breath did in the fifties, but this escapes all of them."

"First things first, Franklin has a habit of making claims, without ever having proof. It is always his word against the historians.
If you do your research, you will find that Joe has loads of memorabilia from stars that they either gave to him or were left behind. Again never with proof. Years ago, Joe tried to auction off a guitar case left behind by Elvis, now its the guitar."

Hopefully someone will stand up with any form of "evidence", being it pro or con.