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Charity Single - Results Of Our Poll

October 01, 2001 | Other
Charity Single - Results of our poll
You were able to give your opinion on a possible single release to raise funds for the victims of the tragedy in the United States on September 11, 2001. By now we all know that a single will be released, containing "America The Beautiful", "Amazing Grace" and "If I Can Dream".

Our poll shows that an overwhelming majority of 97% was behind the idea. But a lot of Elvis-fans shouldn't be Elvis-fans when they focus on Elvis, instead of the reason for a possible single-release. Relatively the comments of the people against the idea were more thoughtful than the comments of the pros. Where the pros were mainly concerned about which songs should be chosen and only some people supported the charity itself with their comments, the cons gave several different reasons why not to release a single. It doesn't matter if one agree on their reasons, but at least they gave reasons.

Some people suggested that the US, being (one of) the richest nation(s), doesn't really need the money. The government should be able to support the victims, instead of spending all that money on weapons. Also "insurances will cover the damage" was a reason to be against for some people.

One of the most impressing arguments we saw, was one against the single: "No one should use this tragedy to profit off Elvis. This isn't about Elvis, CD's or anything else so self-indulgent. This is about people. This is about heartbroken families, motherless children, widows, victims, and the missing. This is one thing I just cannot understand about Elvis fans, they brag about what they do for charity, which is so unlike Elvis. It's all in vain for fame and glory and all supported by EPE. Not Elvis like at all."

We don't understand the "bragging attitude" ourselves, that's indeed not the thought behind charity. We can add to this that we got questions from people that are wondering if sales through Amazon and CDNow will be counted for the charts. We can't help but think that this is the wrong reason to buy the single.

As said before, most people behind the idea were suggesting songs. We have to admit that there were some interesting suggestions, one of the most remarkable being the coupling of "Trouble" with "US Male", because their lyrics seem to be appropriate. Also a lot of people were pointing to Elvis' patriotic attitude and own charity work as reasons to release a single.

Anyway, the single will be a reality within a couple of weeks. Let's hope it will be successful and a lot of money will be raised for the victims. Hopefully we won't be annoyed by fans that will start to complain that it gets to less attention, promotion or whatever when any of the other charity singles that will show up, is more successful.

We were happy that so many people took the advantage to share their opinion and the interactivity on the website seems to be appreciated.