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Memories From Kalamazoo

June 10, 2001 | Music
This is one of the few import releases that came out recently. It's an incomplete soundboard recording from April 26 1977. On this date Elvis performed at the Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, Michigan for 7300 fans. Only a small part of the show was recorded by the soundboard engineer, and is now released on this CD. It runs for about 30 minutes. When you subtract the talking and microphone problems from the total playing time, you get about 25 minutes of music.


The cover art is basic, a two-page booklet with some images of Elvis from the April 1977 tour. No information on the band, explanation of why only a half concert or introduction from the producers. "Fairytale" is listed as a complete song while we only get 30 seconds.


The CD starts off with a basic "Love Me" and in the second song, "Fairytale" Elvis blew it, "Let's do another song". "If You Love Me, Let me know" is okay, but nothing more. During "You Gave Me a Mountain" Elvis made a few text jokes which made him laugh, at least it sounds like he enjoyed himself.

As usual in 1977, Elvis couldn't keep up with "Jailhouse Rock", but drummer Ronnie Tutt got really into the song and makes it worth listening. "O Sole Mio / It's now or Never" got the usual Shaun Nielsen treatment and this time Elvis was almost "blown away" by the horn-section.

After that you can hear Elvis altering the song list starting "Big Boss Man" which gets a good treatment, on this song J.D. Sumner and the horns took over, you can actually feel your speakers. "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Trying To Get To You" are introduced by Elvis as a medley of some of his records, trying to do something "new", but shortly after starting the first song the microphone broke down, you can hear Elvis say "blew a fuse" and asking for another microphone. But he didn't really get back into the song with more microphone (?) problems.

Up next is a standard up-tempo version of "Blue Suede Shoes". Both track 10 and 11 are "And I Love You So" but the first track has a false start and some more microphone problems so from the one-and-a-half minute this track lasts we get 25 seconds of the song and over one minute of "nothing". The second try is a fair version for 1977; some cynics might say that it doesn't have only a false start.

The last track on the CD is "My Way" which Elvis had to read as usual. This version has a long intro, it sounds like Elvis asked somebody to come on stage and had to wait a few moments. This is the strongest song on this CD, Elvis could keep up with the horn-section and sounded pretty convincing. .


It isn't the worst 1977 show, but the sound quality isn't too good. A lot of noise and the band sounds loud compared to Elvis, and you hardly hear the Sweets. If not for collecting reasons, you can easily live without it.


Love Me - Fairytale (excerpt) - If You Love Me - You Gave Me a Mountain - Jailhouse Rock - O Sole Mio/ It's Now or Never - Big Boss Man - Heartbreak Hotel - Blue Suede Shoes - And I Love You So (false start) - And I Love You So - My Way

Playing time: 31.30, Sound quality:7, Cover art: 6