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I Remember Elvis

June 04, 2001 | Other

Upon entering the site you'll see a very familiar picture, but in a somewhat chunky quality. You also get some background audio, which can easily be turned off. That's certainly a big pro for the surfers with a slow connection. The different frame colours make the site looks a bit incoherent.

While wandering through the site we got several run time errors because of some gadgets that weren't working well. Obviously the site wasn't tested in different circumstances. A lot of pictures are out of proportion, we always thought record sleeves were square. Also the shockwave included on the lyrics page is of very poor quality. The navigation on the site is fine, most often. Only on the guestbook something goes really wrong when you click the screenshot.

Rating: 5/10


The lyrics look like they were straightly copied from a well known lyrics-site. But they are dressed up with an additional feature: karaoke. Fun, but we prefer Elvis singing them anytime.

Featured Elvis singers gives us a bunch of pictures, often in very bad quality and/or of weird looking people; we didn't feel the need at all to follow the links further (no wonder the errors showed up here). Now we're sure we prefer Elvis!

PalTalk isn't clear at all, no explanation what it should be, only that you can submit your own singing. What fun! We clicked a couple of them, but they all sounded terrible, so we'd like to thank the webmaster for the stop-audio button. Even when you don't have a slow connection, it helps!

The only conclusion we can have on the content is that there isn't any spectacular, except for the karaoke addition to the lyrics ...

Rating: 4/10

Looking back we can only say this was a waste of time and we honestly don't understand why anybody should take time to vote for this site. This site is more dedicated to Impersonators than to Elvis it seems, and we prefer the real thing anytime! After reviewing this site we feel somewhat guilty towards the webmasters of real Elvis-sites that asked for a (re-)review, which we didn't do yet.