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TCM Elvis Presley Website

December 17, 2000 | Other

This site has a seventies look, but is really "state of the art". The site is a combination of Flash and HTML. But they really used the possibilities of Flash to make this a really animated and entertaining website.

The use of colours is well chosen (brown, orange and green), they really give that seventies feeling. There are various ways of navigation on this site. There's a main navigation bar with the main features, which all have a submenu of their own. They are all different, probably to make it more entertaining, finding different ways to present the information and fun. You have the idea you're browsing in an applet instead of on a site, and that's great.

From a design point of view we have to say it is a heavy site. You'll need either a good connection to the WWW or a lot of time to enjoy this site (after downloading it). The speed of some of the applets / Flash animations could be a bit slower, sometimes you almost have to "hunt down" the main menu with your cursor..

Rating: 8/10


The site has one obvious goal, to promote the television premiere of the new "That's the Way It Is". There's a lot of information on the new TTWII. Besides that it gives a good overview of Elvis' "Hollywood career" with a lot of multimedia. All information is presented as background info on the movies which will be "aired" in January.

Most info is linked to the new TTWII, the site offers information on the movie, the restoration, the TCB band (nice to see some attention for the "sidemen"), a sweepstake and which Elvis movie is on when in January.

The content regarding TTWII SE has some great details, previews (in various formats and qualities) and interviews which combined are really informative. The information on his "other" movie work tells the story of the movie, the actor(s), directors and production in a nutshell. There are original theatrical trailers of most of his movies to go with that information, although these are under another menu-button.

Rating: 8/10


This website has a specific goal and for that purpose it works out great. The information on the new TTWII is "new" the other information is not. The power of this site is the way the information is presented, it's like browsing one of those informative CD-Roms. Making that happen in a website is a great achievement.