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Email Interview With Keith Alverson

December 03, 2000 | People
1. Most Elvis-fans know your name from the photos. Can you tell us something about the man behind that name?

I am 48 years old, work for a bank in Atlanta, GA. I'm married and have no children.

2. Can you tell us in short about your "Elvis history"?

I was 4 years old and heard "Hound Dog" in '56 and I've been a Elvis fan since

3. You attended quite a lot Elvis concerts through the years, do you have any concert you remember especially?

The show I remember the most was in Huntsville, al in '75... I had front row seat for the first time. The stage was very low when Elvis walked out on stage, I stood up and Elvis shook my hand! I'll never forget it!

4. Your upcoming (new) book "Elvis On Stage" is done together with an European fanclub (Elvis Unlimited, Denmark). We enjoy that fans all over the world work together. Can you tell us something about the background of this co-operation?

I met Henrik Knudsen in Memphis a few years back, he seems like a huge fan of Elvis and someone I could trust. Something very rare in today's world.

5. More specific about the book: Does it have a theme, or is it "just" a collection of pictures?

The book is a collection of my own personal favorites, no theme really. The photos date from '73-'77.

6. Have you any plans ready for future books?

If this book is successful, then a second book is for sure.

7. Okay, let's go to our default questions, what, in general, is your favorite Elvis stuff?

My favorite stuff is mostly my collection of off stage (candid) photos from the seventies (70's) that I have traded and bought over the years. Also CD's and original RCA 45 singles with picture covers.

8. Name your favourite Elvis song, movie, album.

My favorite songs, broke down in 3 decades. From the fifties, "Don't Leave Me Now", from the sixties "Suspicious Minds" and from the seventies "Just Pretend". My favourite movie is "Jailhouse Rock". Finally, my favourite album is "That's The Way It Is".

9. What is your favorite Elvis site?

My favorite Elvis site is ElvisNews.com of course! To be honest with you, I like them all, anything related to Elvis in a positive way and original ideas to show Elvis to the fans.

10. How do you remember Elvis' passing?

I was getting ready to leave for the upcoming tour when I heard the news. I just assumed it was his father (Vernon), he had been sick for a while. Then I guess it sunk in that it was Elvis for sure. A very sad time in my life!

11. What is your favorite Elvis book written by somebody else?

My favorite book I guess would probably be the "Revelations From The Memphis Mafia". I like to read about the inside life of Elvis that no one knows about, even if it was not always positive. After all he was just a human being!

12. Who do you think we should interview in the future? And which question(s) should we ask?

You should contact James Burton and ask him about the first time he met Elvis in person, and if he got along with John Wilkinson off stage.