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Lisa Marie Presley's Official Website

November 26, 2000 | Other

The site is pretty dark and a bit "alternative" regarding design. It's build for an 800*600 resolution. The images are of good quality and the font colours match the design. You can tell some professionals had a big hand in this site. Looking at the site of the creators of this website, we instantly understand how they came to this design.

Most images on this site have been circulating the WWW for some time, but now they are used in a mixed-up way which fits very well into the design. The images in the gallery pop up in a new window, and are scans of the magazines they appeared in. On an official site we would expect an original of those images too.

Navigation is divided over two menu's. The main menu is at the top of the site, and several items have a sub-menu on the left with details. The left menu has some animation which can distract you from the content you're looking at.

Rating: 9/10


The content of the site is mainly older material. A bio, pictures, mainly from magazines she graced, but nice to see them collected. In the studio with a little bit information on her debut album, again nothing new. The fan info is done in the same fashion as EPE with questions from fans and answers from Lisa Marie, the F.A.Q. is also the same as the one on the Graceland website. The news-section has yet to be filled and the charities speak for themselves.

Rating: 5/10


Our conclusion is that this website isn't finished yet. perhaps we came around too early for a review, but then again, we waited very long to see some content added to this site. We expect this site to become more informative in the future, especially when her debut album comes out.