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The Complete Dressing Room Session

November 13, 2000 | Music
It looks like we have the first import CD originating from South America. This release from Chile on the Memphis Sound label doesn't offer any real new stuff. The material was released before, but spread out over several bootlegs and BMG-releases.
Besides the dressingroom-sessions the CD contains several versions of "If I Can Dream". The fact that we have both "dressing room rehearsals" on one CD makes it a nice addition to any collection. And for those who don't have the older imports is a great opportunity to get all tracks on one CD. The sound quality of the CD is more than fair, regarding the kind of recordings the CD contains. 
The cover art is not too bad, but it looks a little too much "home-made". Some unnecessary glow-effects spoil a bit of the work. Also the picture quality isn't too good. 
All in all we can say that when you get the chance to add this item to your collection it won't be a waste of money, unlike some other releases.

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