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White Christmas

October 20, 2000 | Music
September might be a little early to release a Christmas CD, but BMG did so by releasing "White Christmas". Over the years Elvis' sacred performances have been very popular with a large audience, selling almost 20,000,000 copies, so it is a very reasonable move by BMG to do a "new" Elvis-Christmas-collection. Without any doubt the CD will find its way. But is it worth buying for the fan?

Besides the group of fans that wants to have literally everything, there might be a reasonable amount of fans that wants to have this one too. The sound quality is superb, indeed even better than the "If Every Day Was Like Christmas"-set that was released back in 1994.

BMG decided to fill the CD with the two original Christmas-albums "Elvis' Christmas Album" and "Elvis Sings The Wonderful World of Christmas", completed with the single-track "If Every Day Was Like Christmas". Since "Elvis' Christmas Album" had a different re-release in 1970, with "Mama Liked The Roses" instead of the 1957 gospel songs that particular song was added too. So basically the final product contains only 20 Christmas songs, completed with 5 additional tracks, which one shouldn't expect on a Christmas-album. Strange decisions from the past were not corrected this time.

The cover art of this CD is not very original, but done with taste. It will certainly appeal to the average public. But when in the mood for Christmas songs at all most fans might prefer "If Every Day", because that one contains only Christmas-songs.

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