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Elvis Presley Rare Real Video

October 16, 2000 | Other

This site's look and feel are very good. The overview is great and the navigation is very simple. The menu demands to be clicked and is always visible at the left. There's no deep level navigation, so there is no way you can get lost on this site. The decoration is functional and tasteful. That's about all we can say regarding the design, because its simplicity is its strength, and we honour that by keeping this short.

Rating 10/10


As said in the intro, this site is updated for the last time over a year ago. Unfortunately for sure, because EPRRV contains videoclips in a better quality than we are used to on the Internet. The 50's part of the site contains clips from the TV-shows from 1956, the 60's a couple of movie-clips and the 70's some audience videos.
For fans the last part is probably most interesting, because those videos are more or less rare, and the medley from the LA 1974 show is nicely put together.
For a more general public the 50's (and the 60's) might be more interesting, because those (especially the 50's) clips show the amazing charisma and power of the King in good quality.
The links part of the site is very short, it mention a few sites that are also containing RealVideo, and one general link, all including a (small) comment.
Noticing the locations of the files, the webmaster probably got tired of searching more space for the clips and decided to stop his efforts. Hopefully he or she will reconsider, because this could really be the place for Elvis Presley (Rare) Real Video.

Rating 6/10


An advice is not necessary in this case, because this webmaster is (or better was) totally in control of his work. We can only request to add a little more to the site. To encourage him or her we are glad to offer the webmaster our 2 Star Award.

Elvisss wrote on March 18, 2004
I would lovee the link to this site to go check it out! I've done a search and cannot seem to find it. : (