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The Swedish Hit Collection

October 12, 2000 | Music
The design of this sixty-tracks CD is great. A bit dreamy shot on the front and a classic 1968 shot from the NBC special on the back. The inside has an overview of various Swedish releases. In stead of cover to cover they have been shuffled a bit which gives it a loose feel. The Danish version of this CD is exactly the same as the Swedish, except for the inlay, with a great seventies action-shot, is in Swedish so we can't tell you what's actually written there. The booklet contains some good images (1957 Canada, 1973 Hawaii, 1960 set G.I. Blues) , and even a "centerfold" in the middle. Sorry guys, it's Elvis with a fold in his belly. Inside the booklet a listing of Elvis charts-achievements in Sweden, with some nice results, "Joshua Fit The Battle" at number 1 in 1963!

The CD's have a "vinyl"-look pressing on them, and in contrary to other BMG releases these actually look like vinyl.

The sixty tracks on this 2CD release are remastered and sound good. We couldn't find out if they've been remastered especially for this release, but nowadays this information isn't added to CD's that often.

For a "Best Of" collection the mixture of songs is well-balanced with all kind of Elvis material present. From the fifties, sixties and seventies, gospel, blues, movie, rock 'n' roll, live and so on. There are no special tracks or versions on this collection. The tracks are all mixed up in one great collection which you'll pull out of your collection if you "just want to hear" Elvis. Our conclusion: a great CD in both presentation and content.

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