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Welcome To My World Of Elvis A. Presley

September 24, 2000 | Other

The webmaster wants the visitor to know there's a lot of material to be found on the site he stumbled on. And he looks desperately for different kind of feedback. There are a couple of guestbooks on the site and four options to vote for his site. A bit much in our eyes. Also there are a lot of webrings on the ring-page, but the most popular Elvis Presley ring - the TCB-ring - isn't present.

When the page is loaded it's a bit hard to discover the structure of the main - content - part of the site. There are a few announcements / messages from the webmaster and some awards he has won. The text is presented in various fonts in various sizes and in various colours. This emphasizes the "messy" impression we get. Even though the webmaster uses the same design on almost every page.

Navigation on this site is good enough. All pages (they are always reloaded completely) have a menu, but it's not always the same menu. A nice feature in the menu is that each item gets a small explanation, so you know what to expect following a link. On several occasions you leave the Geocities server where this site is hosted and go to Fortune Cities and NBCi. The images used on this site are of average quality, but they do fit the content. The fonts used on the site almost look like they were chosen at random, with a lot if different colours, sizes ant font types

Design: 5/10


Looking at the menu there looks to be quite some content on this site. But is there ?

There are a lot of photo's in the gallery, in a lot of categories, but nothing too special. It looks like they were collected on the WWW. Browsing the menu's there is a nice time-line of Elvis' life, some nice wallpapers - good ideas but in a lesser work out. But with some practice we expect these to improve.

Browsing some more, the content is smaller than expected. There are some overviews on books, and movies (that one's worked out well, but we have the idea we read it before ... somewhere else), the webmasters personal collection, and some images of Elvis' plates. The rest of the menu contains links to several services on the www (postcards, send a friend), some gadgets (java clocks). Finally there are several (none) Elvis links, an email possibility and of course the usual award pages.

Rating: 5 /10

Conclusion / Advice

Our advice is simple, keep the enthusiasm (even after this critical review) and use that to make the site look "less messy" in the design department. Perhaps then the webmaster can add another award to his award section. A small last advice, drop your own award. What's it worth when you have to apply for it? Taking a look at the sites that applied, most of them aren't among the " best" Elvis-sites around. So this is one option for them to get some recognition. We agree partly with the text on the award page "I appreciate the time and hard work that goes into designing your website, you deserve some praise, apply now for one of my awards and get that praise" but in our eyes there's a difference between deserving an award for making the effort and deserving one for the result of it.