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John Wilkinson Website

September 11, 2000 | Other
The young man on Rhythm Guitar, he makes records for RCA Victor, his name is John Wilkinson. Also one of my closest friends. '' (Elvis Presley, Las Vegas, August 21st 1970)


The "official Mr. Wilkinson site" has a basic lay-out. The site doesn't use frames so every time a complete new page is loaded. On a 1024 * 768 resolution the screen size isn't big enough to hold the site. Also big are the fonts on this site. The webmaster uses different fonts, in different sizes in different colours.

The site looks to be build by somebody who's new to building websites. The images used on the site are of various quality, but regarding the specific topic of the site that's understandable, most images will focus on Elvis and not the man in the background. You see a lot of (animated) items which look like they were collected around the WWW in stead of being designed to fit a specific design. E.g. the "welcome and key-note images. Different pages have sometimes different backgrounds, this makes the site look like it has been put together from various sources.

The navigation on the site is good, each page contains the complete menu so it's hard to get lost. The text itself contains various links and images between the lines, this makes it look a bit messy and can make the visitor loose his way on the site. But these are links to interesting pieces of information. Most pages seem to have Dutch titles in stead of English, this can be seen since the site doesn't stay in it's registered url.

Design: 6/10


This website has a special subject and the webmaster succeeded very well on building an interesting website for this specific "Elvis-topic". We find a lot of information on the man, his work, his instruments and so on. There's a lot of information available for the man who stood in the background, and we believe not that many of Elvis band-members have a website with this kind of information.

Various items in the menu are quotes from people from the Elvis entourage on John, a book the webmaster wrote, the TCM band (with the various members through the years / tours), John's guitars, and a newspage which contains news on both John and Elvis.

The most interesting is the biography from which you can go to various pages with detailed info and listen to (import) tracks. This is one of those site to visit to get more info on the people Elvis worked with.

Content: 8/10


Our advice to the webmaster is simple, try to make the site look more as a whole by thinking about a coherent design. The site deserves it. As an incentive we'd like to award this webmaster our one star award.