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Event Number 8

September 16, 2000 | Music
It looks like there has been an overtake in the releases of the Madison label. As we remember well this CD was announced to be the third one, and the label-number also indicates that, but we didn't see the second CD yet. Anyway, this one is pretty special and maybe that's the reason it's fixed at an earlier date.
Well, what's special on a(nother) live show from March 1974? The most important is that this show in the huge Houston Astrodome is without an orchestra. So it's pure Elvis with his band. Because the audience is far away from the stage it is hardly audible. This makes the show almost sound like a rehearsal. The set Elvis used this show is pretty standard, but the "strange" accompaniment makes it more than interesting. Probably because of this simple setting the oldies like "Trying to Get to You" and "Johnny B. Goode" are among the best tracks of the show. The instrumental break in "Polk Salad" makes you almost wish Elvis never started with an orchestra, the TCB-band is by far enough. The ultra long "Closing Riff" highlights James Burton and also Ronnie Tutt as great musicians (once again), it is a pity that there's hardly an "Opening Riff". 
The sound-quality of the show is more than fair, although a lot of people will miss the "feeling of being there", because of the lack of audience-sounds.
Just like its predecessor (Breathing out Fire) this Madison release is treated with great coverart and a nice booklet although the picture-quality isn't too good (probably because some are from a relatively large distance). In the booklet is a possible mistake about the pictures: according Stein Erik Star's The Concert Years Elvis wore the Sunlight Suit during the evening show and the suit on the pictures (White Nail Suit) is supposed to be worn at the afternoon show, so they do fit the concert.
Overall we can say this CD is a nice addition to the collection and it certainly will find its way to our player more often.