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Elvis Presley In Concert

August 27, 2000 | Other

The design is very simple and gives you a good overview of what is available. The main page contains a menu (The Program), which is not too small. Because the items are divided clearly, it's not a real problem. A big pro of this site is that the webmaster gives note of the last update of each section, although we found out it is not always up to date (The Vegas section was updated recently, but it wasn't mentioned).
The look of the site is, of course depending on taste, a little dull. It has to be said that the design is applied almost consistently, so most pages are very recognizable, and the visitor knows immediately where too look. For some reason both the entrance-page and review-pages break out of this design, which is a pity.
Navigation is easy; there is always a "back-button" at the bottom of each page. After descending into the site you need it quite often, so maybe a "main menu"-button is a good option. Some of the pages are very long (e.g. the pictures page); a sub-menu to bookmarks (and maybe "top"-links) can make navigation on these pages a little easier. The underlined subtitles in the text are a little confusing, since underlining is often used for links. One might expect a link, which isn't there.
A big pro of this site is that the first level pages are mainly text-based, so they load pretty fast. When the visitor finds what (s)he wants, a more detailed page with pictures (or audio) becomes available.

Rating: 7/10


What can we say? This site is a Valhalla for the concert-freaks, to which group a lot (if not most) Elvis fans seem to belong.
The Real Audio section gives several tracks from different shows. Very useful is the "Concerts on CD" sections, which gives a very good overview of the availability of Elvis' concerts.
The pictures section gives you a special entry to tons of pictures, which are available through the particular concert overviews too. Those overviews are tremendous, even the 50's are very well documented; it's the best overview we have seen so far. Besides the 50's overview there are separate overviews for the "Vegas"-shows, the "Lake Tahoe"- shows and the "on tour"-shows. The last three overviews start with a describing page, with a sub menu where you can enter your "year of interest". For that particular year you'll find extensive overviews of all shows, including the existence of recordings: soundboard or audience (CD-) releases and even the presence of audiotapes is mentioned. Also you can find an overview of the musicians, track listings for zillions of concerts and overviews of most played songs and even attendances of the shows/tours.
lot of fans share their experiences of the "new" (Elvis The) Concerts, and even better: there are quite some first hand stories about "the real thing" too! A third review section covers some of the available recordings of Elvis' shows.
A very special gadget is the "Concert Map". You can find when Elvis did play which city on this map. So probably this is the only Elvis-site where you can test your knowledge of US-geography. Here we have the only problem… when you don't know in which state a city is settled then there's a lot to gamble. Probably this is the only thing this Webmaster can add, when he gets bored: a list of the concerts by city.

Rating: 10/10


The navigation can be improved a little, but is not really bad: you'll never get lost on this site. The contents is great, no, it is nearly perfect. It covers the subject of the site completely and is a must on the favourites- or bookmarklist of any Elvis-fan. One last remark: a search-engine would be great on this site: it'll improve access to all available information.
We are very happy to give away something else... our 3 Star Award!

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