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Sold Gold Elvis

August 20, 2000 | Other

First thing that catch the eye is that the site is too big. Well, at least the menu is. Even in a 1024x768 resolution you'll get a scrollbar because the page is just too long. Maybe it's a good point when the 'general' things like guestbook, vote, webmaster and thankyou are combined in one button/page, it will give a much better overview.
A little remark regarding the framesetting: turn off those border-lines, it "breaks" the site and that's a pity.

The webmaster put a previous/next button at the bottom of every page, which makes navigation easy, but sometimes it gives a little unexpected result, especially after you descended into the CD-tree. In this three there is a "CD-index" button too (game: search the page where it's on the right instead the usual left), so you must really be drunk to get lost on this part of the site. The DVD-section is a little unclear; the next-button brings you to another DVD-page, which isn't mentioned before. Maybe it's an idea to make an extra index for the DVD-pages too, especially one might expect a lot more DVD-releases in the future. About the same counts for the books, now you have a menu at the top of each book page with the sections of that particular page. Navigation would be easier when you can reach any book from a main 'book' page, e.g. by putting a complete 'abc' in the sub-menu.

The look of the site is a little dull, the gradient from yellow to a sort of pink used in the buttons looks like it has been too long in direct sunlight. But of course that is just a matter of taste. The main picture at the entrance shows it is difficult to make a cut-out of a picture, and also a lot of the covers used on the site are below average quality.

In general we can say this site is pretty well designed, especially regarding navigation. The only thing we miss here, with the CD-part in mind, is a search-engine. The fact that there is so much information on CD's makes it a pretty tough job to find the page(s) you're looking for.
There is one more remark we have to make: some of the pages are way too long ;-).

Rating: 8/10


As said in the intro, this site is obviously by collectors, for collectors. The CD part of the site, unfortunately not complete yet at the time of this review, is enormous. It covers (about all) official releases of Elvis CD's by country. Listings by country by year gives you a perfect overview what is (was) available. One small remark we can make here is that it is just a list, a huge one, but still just a list. An opinion on the particular releases will add a lot of value to the site, but we can't judge how much time the webmasters have to add this kind of additional information, we only know for sure it will take a lot of time. This remark is valid for the DVD-section too, which is a list with 'only' basic information.
The movie-section is outstanding! It's not the basic 'Elvis in Hollywood'-thing, but a large list of documentaries, with comments this time and even a rating. Thankyouverymuch!
The book-section gives you a 4 page listing of books (not all available anymore). Here are reviews available often, and every book gets a rating from 1 to 5, this makes it another valuable part of this site.

There isn't much more to say about the content, the rest is basic, the links too basic (without any comment, but we've said that about 50 times before), so anymore comments will distract you from the great part of the site.

Rating: 9/10


Between the lines we gave some tips and there isn't much more we can say, it's another awesome legal CD-overview from Holland, after the well known "import"-site! We are glad to present the webmasters our 3 Star Award.

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