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It's Only Love for Elvis Fan Club Website

August 14, 2000 | Other
After two opening-pages we finally get to the menu page. The page starts with some new(s) articles, then the picture of the week and finally at the bottom of the page the menu. A very strange design, but once you know it, it works. The menu is available on every page (except 1), so navigation through the many items is pretty easy.

The menu is huge, and divided in four undefined sections (numbered one to four) in which we can't find too much logic. Starting with Mary's personal letter (a nice idea), we see some "design" choice we find on all pages. The text is centered which makes it hard to read, especially on the large items. Why not align it to the left or justify it in one column?

There are not many pictures on the site, which makes it easy to load, but on the other hand a bit dull. The fonts differ sometimes and so do the colours, this, with the centering of the text makes it look inconsequently designed while it's actually not.

We think it's a pity the fanclub doesn't use it's great logo in the design, we believe it has some great possibilities to improve recognizing of the site.

Rating: 6 / 10


The site has a large menu, let's focus in on the items. The items new CD's / DVD's and Video's are nothing more than listings with Amazon and CDNow links. The book reviews are just a few lines, we suspect to be taken from the book's back-cover. The other "fact-items" are more or less the same. The pro of this site is that there are a lot of items, with a lot of facts. But only a few items are really different from information which we can find on other (fanclub) sites. Especially interesting are the biographies on Gladys, Vernon and The Colonel. For the American visitors of the site the TV Schedule can be very helpful.

As with most fanclub sites there's nothing much more we can add here. The big pro of the site is that the site is maintained on a regular basis and tries to inform the members of the fanclub (of the latest news).

Rating: 7 / 10


As with most fanclub sites we advise this fanclub to search for that special item that makes this site stand out from other fanclub sites. The commitment of the President and the way they keep up with the news gives us the idea that we didn't write this review in vain.

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