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July 25, 2000 | Other

This website has it's own url, but clicking on it you go to a compuserve-url. Once you're past the entry page you go to a British url, so clicking on the first three links you travel the world wide web.

Clicking on one of the four menu-items on the front page you go to a white page which is quite a contrast. We actually prefer the fresh white pages over the dark black ones. All the way down, near the bottom of the page is a small page with some links. A very strange place to add those links. The last menu-item we'd like to mention is the link to the auction site, at yet another url.

Navigation on the site is easy, each page has it's own (sub-)menu but no back button, although the home button helps out. The site is build on a black background with red and orange fonts and sometimes on a white background with blue and black fonts. The images used on the site are of good quality and not the usual ones you find circulating the internet.

There's not that much we can tell about the design. It has a decent navigation structure, good quality images but it has been worked out a bit inconsequently and we had the feeling we were site-hopping within one site.

Rating: 6/10


The content of the site is a bit disappointing when you're familiar with the Great magazine they bring out every three months. There's some news (import/BMG/FTD CD's, general news, books and some essential updates (almost the most interesting part of the site). Further some information about a party that already took place, items for sale and a contact page.

We knew the previous design of this website, and there always were items for sale, but with this version we think it's purpose is to get Elvis fans into the shop and auction site (Elvis mart). It's a pity that, in stead of offering the great content of the their magazine online they seem to have build this page for another purpose. So if you want to shop for Elvis or subscribe to the magazine, go visit the website if not ... why bother ... unfortunately.

Rating 5/10


Our advice is very simple. The webmasters know how to work their graphic and html editing tools, so why not create a site along the way of the magazine they also put out. We hope this review will be a small push in that direction.

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