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The King- How Great Thou Art

June 19, 2000 | Other
Overall it is a clear design, easy on the eye. The menu structure is clear, but also on this site a backbuton is missed often. When you enter a menutree, and descend into the site you have to start over again from the main menu when you want to go only one level higher.
This site is obviously designed for 800x600 resolution. This isn't a bad point at all, because it is the most used resolution, but it is done inconsequently regarding the alignment. Eg. on "The Tour that Never was" the table is aligned left, while the pictures are centered. This makes it look a bit weird in higher resolutions. Also the top banner might look better when it is centered.
Sometimes the webmaster uses different font-styles, or forgot to hardcode them (last updates, among other pages). On his CD Collection the webmaster tried to dazzle us by using a very bright yellow as background, while on the other pages it is black. Another minor is the fact that the picture collection is outside the frameset. Disregarding there are quite some minor remarks, and the page looks a little dull, it is obviously better than average.

Rating 7/10


This website is a common fan site. With lots of real audio, some good pictures, but not too much information. Rare records, which are numbered without any background information. Why are they rare? When we see a single that went multiple Gold (Can't Help Falling in Love), we can't exactly say it is rare. The same goes for the "Collector Items", no explanation at all. The links page is a huge list, again without additional info, so you don't know what to expect when clicking on it. Also the list is a little outdated (e.g. the link to us is named with our initial name, which we dropped 8 months ago and it is pointing to our original URL).
Informative are the "Elvis On Tour"- and the "Elvis in the Charts"-sections. People wanting to trade can find huge lists of the webmaster's own collection and a large "wanted" list.

Rating 8/10


Try to make the site a little more consequent, like we mentioned in the design part, this will certainly upgrade the site. Some more background information, instead of huge lists only, will give the site a greater value. In general we can say that this site has a lot of potential and we recommend our visitors to give it a look. We're glad to present the webmaster our 2 Star Award.