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From Elvis In Memphis - May 2000 Releases

May 15, 2000 | Music
A couple of days ago the new re-re-releases of 4 original Elvis' albums arrived at our office. Of course the music is very familiar, there are no new songs, or even outtakes added to these albums. Only songs that appeared on other albums, which won't be re-re-released any more. BMG clearly stated that these releases are not for the fans, but for the general public. We tried to discover if there might be a reason to buy it when you're not a lunatic collector.

In general we can say (again) that the printwork is VERY poor. It is a shame how BMG delivered these CD's to the customers. We can't help but see a little disrespect for both their customers and the artist of the last century. All CD's has liner notes by Colin Escott, based on Jorgensen's A Life in Music. Not much extra here too.

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