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Elvis Is In Istanbul Now

May 07, 2000 | Other
This week we take a closer look at another European fan club site, the "Elvis Is In Istanbul Now" website. It's maybe not a country where you expect an Elvis fan club, but even in Turkey Elvis has a fan club. We guess it's not that strange Elvis is in the Guinness Book of World records as artist with the most fan clubs worldwide. Let's see what Elvis is doing in Turkey.


The site has a basic two-frame setup, with a menu on the left and the content on the right. Somewhere there should be a button (we hope) to shut down the midi-file of "My Way", or did the webmaster do it His Way ? Listening to a CD while writing this review we had to shut down the CD-player because two different types of audio mixed together isn't really our taste. This will be our last request to webmasters around the world wide web, PLEASE add a button to the site to give visitors a choice to shut down a website's audio if they want to.

Navigation on the site is pretty easy, the lay-out has a logical left-right design, and some menu-items have a submenu at the bottom of the page. This structure is used throughout the entire site. The only problem is that quite a few buttons in the sub-menu's don't work.

The images on the site are of average quality, mostly pictures from the seventies with a "Turkish" accent added to them. The use of colours is done very consequent, so is the use of colours on the two kinds of menu's. Blue for the main-menu buttons, red for the sub-menu buttons.

Two menu-items are links to pages on other sites which are opened within the Turkish frameset and don't match the design. perhaps it's an idea to open these links in a new window.

Rating: 7/10


The content of the site is pretty basic for a fan club. Basic info on Elvis, some pictures, real audio and "personal" collections (worked out in detail). Looking closer we can conclude the following:

The page with the "fan club info" has basic information about the fan club, the peolpe who run it and the members. Strange is that most buttons on the submenu for this item don't work, so you can't actual join the site on-line. The tribute site is only one comment from a fan about "the night she fell in love with Elvis".

The picture section contains several categories with both black and white and colour pictures. The pictures have different sizes, from 30 to over 600 Kb, and that's a big download if you're just browsing the pictures. The "Istanbul pictures" are from another site, and add a "personal touch" to this site, but don't add anything to Elvis in Istanbul.

The "links-page" is an old fashioned bannerpage. if you're an experienced websurfer you'll recognize the site by the banner, so no explanation is needed. But for the inexperienced websurfer our "usual" remark, add a comment to the links so you know what you can expect.

Rating: 6/10


Our advise to the webmasters in Turkey is to add a "Turkish" touch to the site, that could really make it special. It could be interesting to Elvis fans around the WWW to see "How Elvis is doing in Istanbul". The other information is available all around the WWW, so not too special.

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