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Elvis Presley Superstar

April 16, 2000 | Other
A couple of months ago we aimed at this website already. Just when we were putting down a review the webmaster decided to do a complete redesign. For several weeks he couldn't make up his mind, and let the visitor choose between both the old and new design. Now it seems he made up his mind. Did he make the right decision?


Of course the look of the site is judged differently by every single person, but it won't surprise you when we say we like it. It is very consequent and fixed. The only thing that might be changed in general is the place of the main logo of the site. Because the site is set up in tables, the longer ones take pretty much time to load. All you see is a blue screen for a while and then suddenly it is filled completely. When the webmaster puts his logo above the table, the visitor will see something's happening.

The navigation is very consequent too. There are links "back" when necessary and it is almost impossible to get lost on this site. The only thing we don't understand completely is why the concerts open in a new window, but that's only a minor. Probably it is a legacy of the previous design, because some of those windows are still in the old style. We hope it's just a matter of time before everything is converted.

On some pages (Import Timetable) text is underlined, while not being a link. This is a little confusing. The only other comment we can come up with regarding the design is the text size of the menu. With the default fontsize-settings (Medium in Explorer) the "Live Recordings"-item is split into two lines, which breaks up the fixed design a little.

It's not often we can say so little about design, so we guess that is a compliment to this webmaster!

Rating: 9/10


The newssection of Elvis Presley Superstar is a little irregular, sometimes it looks like the webmaster adds everything, other periods he only adds the core news like CD's. Maybe a matter of time, we know for sure it takes a lot of time to be up to date.

As on many other sites there is a lot of RealAudio over here. But the nice thing about this collection is that it are all (more or less) complete shows. And you can vote for the next one you want to have on-line. After you have chosen for a particular show you'll get a handful of files to download (or to play on-line), all containing several songs. A nice idea might be to add some more background information, e.g. the things that are available elsewhere on this site, the Import Timetable, like sound- and showquality and soundboard- or audiencerecording. In this Import Timetable these information is displayed chronologically, it looks like every import release is listed here. The whole is decorated with well chosen pictures. The only comment we can make on this section is that the declaring picture is a little unclear and unbalanced. Part of the honour for this section must go to a webmaster (of "Keep Him In Mind) we have reviewed and awarded in the past.

The RealVideo (Videofootage) section has some nice and rare items, all displayed in a very comfortable way. The complete Aloha Show can be found on RealVideo for those that don't have the tape or DVD.

The moviesection is something you can find on many sites. It's pretty complete over here, but again, not something making this site more outstanding. The same counts for the lyrics that can be found on this site, just a couple of them, without any explanation why this particular lyrics are over here and others not.

A separate section for Elvis The Concert, with some nice pictures from both the shows and the webmaster's own experiences. Strangely enough the schedule has some

The Magic Items-section point the visitor to some handy tools, some of them you'll certainly need to enjoy this site fully.

The links-page is above average regarding the Elvis part of it. Some small comments tells the visitor what to expect from the link. In other words: a linkspage that we like to see.

Rating: 9/10


There's not much we can say to this webmaster. Hopefully he can do something with our little remarks and find the time to convert the left-overs from his previous design. It really was a pleasure to spend some time over here.

We are glad to present this site our 3 Star Award.

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