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Pieces Of My Life

February 27, 2000 | Other
Late August 1999 we started as “Elvis Telegraph”, but we were already in doubt on that name and soon it turned out that people had troubles with spelling our name, because the word Telegraph exists in many languages, but most often spelled differently. Thus people had problems finding us, that is why we decided to change the name and register our own URL after a couple of weeks.

From the results of a survey we had during the migration we found out that we have two different types of visitors. Some want to have the latest news available and some like to have a weekly magazine. To serve both groups we decided to do regular updates throughout the week, while a clear overview of “Last Week’s News” is available. Noticing that on Mondays (our regular weekly update) the amount of visitors grows, even without sending out our update-mail, we can conclude that this way of working seems to be a great success.

Our website-reviews caused some controversy every now and then. Still we are asked “who we think we are to do it” sometimes. It’s simple; we didn’t want to have “just a links-list”. It is a fact that there is a lot of difference between Elvis-sites, especially regarding quality, both in content and design. Some webmasters obviously don’t care about design. That’s fine with us, but we like to point out that with a little effort their often great content could be unlocked much better when they put a little more effort in the design, especially regarding navigation. Still we prefer those sites above perfectly designed sites without content. Overall we can say that the victims themselves try to pick things up and/or give us feedback, which we really enjoy, because we have the same goal as they do: to enjoy and inform the Elvis-fans on Internet. Of course we do not have monopoly on wisdom and more ways lead to Rome. In a separate article we are looking back on the reviews more deeply.

Our other regulars like the King’s Covers, Elvis On Stage, the interviews and “What Did This Week Bring to Elvis?” are done with varying success. Especially on the first two items the feedback from our visitors is a little disappointing, so if you like to compare Elvis’ version of a song with somebody else’s or like to share your experiences of an Elvis-concert, go ahead.
The Interviews are very successfully. We should almost say too successfully, because they are very time consuming (we have a life aside from the Internet, but it’s no complaint ;-)). We have some interviews on their way back to us, and even a couple we still have to send out. Don’t worry we’ll continue it as long as possible. Because of the contacts and the feedback this is one of the most interesting and satisfying things to do.

The last two months the amount of weekly visitors doubled. The input grew tremendously, people offering news, stories and so on. Recapitulating we can say that in a relatively short time we are settled pretty well on the Internet. A “thank you” to our loyal subscribers, but also the irregular visitors is in place! All of you give us a lot of satisfaction by showing our work is appreciated, like in the survey-results we published last week, where we were chosen as “best designed site”. To be honest, those things are important to us too. So press the black button on the right and vote!

“Looking back on my life” ElvisNews.com is pleasantly surprised and satisfied, but not done yet! And what’s more important, we didn’t “throw the best parts away”: everything is still available on our server.