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First German Elvis Pages

February 20, 2000 | Other
The First German Elvis Pages is one of those site's that seems to have been around forever. Both in design and content. Looking for Elvis in Germany there's a great chance you end up here, the webmaster registered eight URLs, seven German, one American. This seems to be "normal" in Germany, because more German webmasters register more than one URL for the same site.


Entering the site it looks like it always has done. A big seventies photo, on a white background with a red / black font. The only change to the site seems to be in size. The menu (content) grew all those years we visited it. Overall the site has a consequent but pretty dull design. Navigation through the site is simple, there's almost always a link back, just below the vote-button, which is almost the only picture on most pages.

The webmaster was quite often the first to add a certain feature to Elvis sites on the web, for example feedback forms, search-engine or messageboard. But that's content, and we're not there yet. Perhaps this webmaster could combine some items of the menu to make it a bit smaller. The site is mainly text-based so it loads pretty fast. But the use of (some) more images could increase the attraction of the site. If the speed or browser-compatibility are important to a webmaster, there are some other ways to make it look a little more attractive (colours, fonts and so on) and still reach those goals.

Concluding the design we can be short: it didn't change (much) over the years. Never change a winning team may be a well known saying, but a webmaster should try keep up with "modern times". Being the first is one thing, staying first is another.

Rating 6/10


As said before, one of the first, if not the first site with real video and audio. Lots of it. This is without any doubt the most interesting thing of the site, because of the rarities that are showed between some very well known material. E.g. "The Last Trip" and "First Concert Film" are very special, certainly in opposition to the movies from the Virtual Graceland CD-rom. Another thing that could be interesting to the fan is the session information. Unfortunately the entrance to it is not very user-friendly, and some other sites with the same information are much more attractive, easier to navigate and more complete.
Except for the webmaster's private collection there's nothing personal on the site. It looks like a pile of information that grows and grows and... The site lacks any "personal touch", most information is just information.

Rating 8/10


First of all, we are jealous of the amount of space this webmaster seems to have, and the webmaster used it well by adding a lot RealVideo. But "just adding more" isn't always good, as the complete list of updates shows, from 1997 to now only things are added. This might look like nonsense, but who is interested in 1997-updates?
The site could use some decoration, e.g. some graphics, background colours or anything else that's not white, in other words try to make it less dull.
Furthermore some information could be presented in a more "user-friendly" way, for example the discography or recordingsession- information, there are enough examples of webmasters that present the same kind of "dull" information (more) attractively.
Regarding content we can say not much, there is a lot of information and some special information too. Nonetheless it doesn't really invite to come back often, except maybe for the messageboard. Once you visited this site your conclusion will probably be "Been there, done that" and that's a shame. But still the First German Elvis Pages deserves our award, with a little extra effort it might contain more stars

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