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Elvis - The Las Vegas Years

January 16, 2000 | Other

Upon entrance you see a very sharp Elvis in a menu that is built up in parts, more parts than necessary. Through the whole site we see this happen. All pictures are cut in pieces, which has the big advantage that the visitor sees something happen. The effect is that you have the idea that you have to wait less while navigating. A minus for the visitor is that they can't use the pictures for anything like tape covers or such, certainly the people that are not too handy with imaging-software. Also with a slower or otherwise poor connection it can happen that parts of the pictures are not loaded.

The webmaster shows great taste, in our opinion, and all items on the pages are shown in a nicely balanced way.

The navigation is nearly perfect, we can't say anything else. Probably one of the best designed sites on the Internet, without limiting the Internet to the Elvis-part of it. At the top of most pages are links to the previous and the main page, as well as a link to the sitemap. At the bottom of each page is the menu to all pages.
On the picture-pages is one tiny thing that looks a little strange: the next page button is linking to the next year in the range, while the previous page is linking to... indeed the previous page. Since that link is also at the top, one could expect to go to the previous year. So when you enter "1973" from the sitemap previous page doesn't bring you to "1972", but back to the sitemap. But as said, that is a very tiny thing.

On this beautifully designed site it is amazing that a webmaster who is obviously very handy with the computer and who has a very good feel for balancing his pages made a mainmenu that is a little too large for the standard 800x600 resolution.

Rating: 9/10


The main part of the site is a collection of pictures from 1969 to 1977. The pictures are all put together in great collages. Among the pictures are some pretty rare ones, but there are not too many of them.

Furthermore you can find on "Elvis - The Las Vegas Years": a page with some info on Elvis The Concert, one about Elvis in Norway and an up-to-date newspage.

This site's links-page is certainly one of the better on the Net. The webmaster tells you exactly why you should visit the listed sites. A good example for all the "just links-pages".

Rating: 7/10


There isn't much that we can tell this webmaster. Certainly regarding the design - where we were doubting for the maximum score for the first time - there are only the small remarks above. Regarding content, well.... We'd like to see more of the great work and maybe some more information. One might expect to learn everything about Elvis in his Vegas-years on this site, but probably he or she will be a slightly disappointed.
Nonetheless this site is a real joy to visit and we gladly present it our 2 Star Award.

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