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November 08, 1999 | Other
Why did we change the name?

In the first place we were already in doubt how to name the site when we started it, that’s why we used both "elvistelegraph" and "elvisnews" at findhere.com (a forwarding service on the Net). We chose Elvis Telegraph because our intention was to keep it weekly in the first place, so the newspaper layout fit perfectly. The news we present every Monday is a little outdated sometimes, because some of the events took place a week before. That’s why the idea of updating the site daily, when necessary of course, grew in our minds.

Of course that doesn’t explain the new name. That is mainly born because we found out that people had problems finding us, because "telegraph" exists in almost every language, but in different spelling. Because of the complaints we got regarding the pop-up windows (commercials) we decided to create our own domain-name and really hire the webspace we use. To us ElvisNews.com sounds like a name easy to remember and we hope it will work.

What can you expect?

This new layout is mainly text-based, certainly the entrance of the site. The Elvis Telegraph became a pretty bandwidth-consuming page, which took pretty long to load completely. With spreading the articles over several pages we hope that everyone will find the articles of their interest faster.

The most important thing, the content, won’t change much. When you enter the page, you’ll see the news of last week in a glance. The regulars, like reviews, interviews and so on will stay. They can be accessed easily by the menu at the left. The menu at the right will give the visitor access to the previous issues. We will transform the Elvis Telegraph-issues into our new layout. Until that job is finished completely, the user is still able to see the old Elvis Telegraph-issues.

Fans that like us as a "Monday morning paper", like someone mentioned, don’t have to worry… they won’t miss a thing, they might only have to click a little more often to read everything.

The results of the survey we had the last 5 days prove we are right with our assumptions. Ninety-two percent of the respondents will visit our website more often when it will be updated daily, while 82% said they will use the daily-subscription. Also 89% will use forms sooner than they will email us. The survey itself proved that last point with a pretty high input, certainly regarding the feedback we normally get.