The German Supermarket ALDI will sell a 3 CD box with "48 original hits" including "Love Me Tender", "In The Ghetto", "Hound Dog", and "It's Now or Never" as of Thursday, July 27 and will cost DM...more
Source: Email / Updated: Jul 21, 2000
"Elvis: That's The Way It Is" is really getting more and more interesting by the day! It seems that the revised version will have 40% more footage on Elvis that has never been seen! Plus: The DVD...more
Source: It's Only Love For Elvis / Updated: Jul 21, 2000 Shop
The photos of Ed Bonja will be on display August 9th - 15th in the Hollywood Casino. This touching photography exhibit features original photographs of Elvis - many, which appeared on classic album...more
Source: Email / Updated: Jul 21, 2002
Although the Lilo And Stitch CD drops from No. 12 to No. 14 after 5 weeks on the Billboard chart, the Lilo And Stitch soundtrack has gone Gold in the U.S. with over 500,000 sales. In the Soundtrack...more
Source: Email / Updated: Jul 21, 2002 Shop
As ticket sales for Elvis: The 25th Anniversary Concert come within a few hundred seats of a sell-out, 700 more seats in the two top price categories ($75 & $50) have been released for sale to meet...more
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Jul 21, 2002
We mentioned before that the remix of 'A Little Less Conversation' went double platinum in Australia. Now other releases have received their award. The 1999 4 CD releases from Readers Digest 'Elvis...more
Source: ECG / Updated: Jul 21, 2002
In the Italian Charts the single climbed from No. 10 to No. 9. In the U.S. the single falls from No. 60 to No. 69 on the Hot 100 but its appearance on the Adult Top 40 Tracks chart at No. 37, is...more
Source: Email / Updated: Jul 21, 2002
Just added is the artwork of the third pressing of the 'Elvis Latino' CD. It's not a picture disc this time.
Source: Elvis Line / Updated: Jul 21, 2002
Elvis Only recorded an interview with JXL for their 25th anniversary "Elvis Only" special. JXL says that if there is another remix it won't be 'Burning Love', as we have been hearing. He says the song...more
Source: World Wide Elvis / Updated: Jul 21, 2002
The line above is the new slogan RCA is promoting the single "A little less Conversation" with very heavily to US Radio stations. In the US, the Top 40 stations in New York and Los Angeles are now...more
Source: Email / Updated: Jul 21, 2002 Shop
From the author of "A Radio History 1945 - 1955', Aaron Webster we received a press release. We'll add a review soon.
Out on August 1st a 264 pages book that deals with the radio shows Elvis did...more
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Jul 21, 2002 Shop
On the EPE site we found a press release on the book 'The Impersonal Life'. We'll add a review soon.
Following is a press release from DeVorss Publications on of Elvis' Favorite Books:
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Jul 21, 2002 Shop
Celebrating the legacy of Elvis Presley on the 25th anniversary weekend of his passing, NBC will exclusively telecast his second-ever feature film, “Loving You,” on Saturday, Aug. 17 (8-11 p.m. ET),...more
Source: / Updated: Jul 21, 2002
A strange DVD release was mentioned on the For Elvis CD Collectors Website. This Two in one DVD release features the 'Aloha from Hawaii' and the original version of 'That's The Way It Is'. On the...more
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Jul 21, 2002
According to Elvis World Japan this is the new artwork for the upcoming release 30 #1 Hits and the following supposed track listing. Strange the latest hit is only added as a bonus track and not as a...more
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: Jul 21, 2002 Shop
On The EP Gold Site we found a warning that the European edition of Elvis- The Definitive Collection has an error in the 1st edition of this release on DVD 3. More information when we have it.
Source: ECG / Updated: Jul 21, 2002
According to Glen D Hardin on the EP Gold site there will be three new songs added to the Elvis The Concert set in The Pyramid, Memphis. Two of the titles are: "You don't have to say you love me", and...more
Source: ECG / Updated: Jul 21, 2002
The FECC site added two special versions of the "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" compilation to the site. A special version made for Hannah's Casino, for their preferred customers club. Harrah's is a sponsor of...more
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Jul 21, 2003
Shreveport Louisiana is to host a special Elvis Presley Concert 16th October 2004, at the "Cradle of the Stars", the Municipal Auditorium on Elvis Presley Avenue. Scotty Moore, James Burton, DJ...more
Source: Email / Updated: Jul 21, 2004
Val, Julian and T...CB won the Word For Word II quizz. The package will be send as soon as possible by Elvis Unlimited! If you are not among the lucky ones, you can order it by following our shoplink.
Updated: Jul 21, 2004
Horn Lake Mayor Mike Thomas said Tuesday that Georgia developer J.D. Stacy plans to resurrect his dream of building an Elvis-themed development on land once owned by the late singer and 317-acres...more
Source: Yahoo News / Updated: Jul 21, 2004
Hollywood has Oscar. Broadway has Tony. The NHRA has Wally. And now Memphis Motorsports Park has Elvis.
In another display of the unique partnership between Elvis Presley Enterprises and Memphis...more
Source: Google / Updated: Jul 21, 2005
Once again the "Elvis by the Presleys" DVD re-entered the Swedish Music DVD Top 20. The DVD is listed at #18 this week.
Source: Various / Updated: Jul 21, 2005 Shop
The Memphis Boys (Bobby Wood, Mike Leech, Gene Chrisman, Bobby Emmons and Reggie Young) are heading back to Belgium. Elvis musicians from 1969 are invited again by the United Elvis Presley Society for...more
Source: The United Elvis Presley Society / Updated: Jul 21, 2005
In Germany "The Definitive Elvis" documentary series will be re-released by Black Hill as "The Definitive Collection volumes 1 and 2" on September 30, 2005 in the well known metal boxes. According to...more
Source: / Updated: Jul 21, 2005
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