Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Given Answers

How do I become a member?

Simply follow the “Register free”-link on our home page. After reading the benefits, hit “Register Now!” and fill out the form.

How do I confirm my membership?

After submitting your information you will receive an email to confirm your membership. Some providers or email clients do not allow links in an email. If you use one of those or you don't get the email, simply reply to the email and ask for confirmation. We will confirm for you as soon as possible.

Why do I need to confirm, while I already did that?

Every now and then we clean up our database. Email addresses that "bounce back" are turned off. That might cause you to have to reconfirm.

How do I get a lost password?

The most simple way is to try to log in, if that does not work you will see a “lost password” link. You can also go to the members page directly, enter your email next to the “send password”-button and hit that button.

Why can't I login while I know I use the right password?

The most common reason is that the password is case sensitive, as is the e-mail address, that you should use to login (and not your nickname). Another reason might be that your membership needs to be confirmed (again).

How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

Log in, goto your memberpage by clicking your name and hit the Edit-button. You can turn off the newsletter completely by unchecking "I want to receive the newsletter by email from"

What does ElvisNews do with my membership information?

You can decide yourself if we expose your information. We will never give away your email or other information to third parties, unless you agreed to expose it.

How do I give a reaction?

You can only give a reaction if you logged in on the site. The “give your opinion”-link will appear (if possible) at the bottom of an article.

I logged in, but still can’t react. What is the cause?

If the “give your opinion”-link is grey (unavailable) that means that you got three warnings because you did not follow our guidelines.

How do I contribute to the “ElvisNews Top Lists”?

That depends on the list. For the FTD-list and Import-list you have to fill out a form, since we organize those with another site (For Elvis CD Collectors Only). For the song-, CD-, DVD- and book-lists all you have to do is to rate such an item in their own sections.

How do I rate a song?

You have to be logged in, and on an individual song page (when you see the lyrics), you can rate it by using the submit button below the lyrics.

How do I rate a CD, DVD or book?

If your logged in, you can rate all shop items on their detail-page by using the “give your opinion”-link on the page.

How do I report an offensive reaction?

Every reaction has a “report abuse”-link in their header. Please do not abuse this link and only report real offensive reactions! If your disagree, or want to give your view, you’re free to do so, but keep it polite.

How do I contact other members (who reacted on ElvisNews)?

You can click on the name of the member in question. If that member chose to share part of his/her profile and his/her with other members you will see the email address, otherwise you can always use the contact button.

Does ElvisNews sell Elvis material?

No, we don’t sell anything ourselves. All we do is link to reliable on-line stores like Amazon or trustworthy fan clubs where you can find legal releases.

Where do I get bootlegs?

Not from us, nor can we tell you were to go. All we can say is "keep an eye on eBay".