About ElvisNews.com

This magazine started in August 1999. The early issues were known as "Elvis Telegraph". Starting the 11th issue we changed the name into ElvisNews.com.

Our goal is to collect all Elvis-news available and distribute it on the World Wide Web for fans around the world. ElvisNews.com is a non-profit magazine by fans for fans.

Our team - from all over the world - make this website for their, and other fan's pleasure only. We hope all Elvisfans around the world enjoy this effort we make.

If you have any suggestions, comments or nice additions for our magazine, please contact us and we promise to listen to and consider any input.

We have to mention this too: these pages are dedicated to Elvis Presley. The man who still makes millions of people happy, even many, many years after his passing. You won't hear us say he is still alive, but his memories will live on forever.