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Elvis performed at the Lyric Theater, Indianapolis.
Elvis ' three-day pass began at 6.00 a.m.
Elvis developed a serious interest in horseback riding. He purchased 3 pairs of boots, 5 jackets, and various other items from Ben Howell and Son Saddlery in Whitehaven.
It was the wedding-day of George Klein and Barbara Little. Elvis arranged for everyone including his father and stepmother to fly to Las Vegas, where they attended the wedding in Klein's suite at the International Hotel.
Elvis had started out this engagement in Las Vegas with strong performances. Just for tonight's show he fell and hurt his ankle, which bothered him for some days. Recollections of fans and reviews gave us a mixed idea of the shows. On one hand it was obvious Elvis was not in the best physical condition and he seemed tired and sad but on the other hand there was the "performer" who as always, tried his very best to connect with his audience.
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