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Elvis performed at the Catholic Club, Helena, Arkansas. He appeared there with other Hayride stars, like Jim Ed, Maxine Brown and Bob Neal.
Elvis performed before a small crowd at the Sports Arena, Atlanta, Georgia and got paid $300.
Elvis went to the Memphian almost every other night. The movies of this night were Fantastic Voyage and Dead Heat On A Merry-Go-Round.
Elvis performed at the Showroom at the Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas. Elvis was in better health and spirits than he had been in some time.
Elvis performed at the Showroom, Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas.
Elvis went to Las Vegas with Ginger and opened his "Pre-Holiday Jubilee" with a single dinner show. For the rest of this engagement Elvis did one show a night, except for Fridays and Saturdays. All the concerts were sold out as always.
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