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Elvis was staying at the New Frontier in Las Vegas. The following days were filled with the attendances of almost every show in town and dating a dancer named Dottie Harmony. Elvis also went 4 times to Billy Ward and His Dominoes to hear them sing: Don't Be Cruel.
After a sail of 4 days, Elvis arrived in Honolulu. There was a press conference and then Elvis checked into the Hawaiian Village Hotel. Later that day the Jordanaires arrived by plane.
On location in Napa, California, the photography for Wild In The Country began. They all stayed at the Casa Bellvue-al Hotel.
Elvis concluded the work on It Happened At The World's Fair with some publicity stills. After that he traveled to Las Vegas where he saw Johnnie Ray at the Hacienda, as well as many other favorite acts.
Elvis bought 4 more TCB's. He also put a deposit on a new home at 144 Monovale Drive, Beverly Hills.
Elvis performed at the Civic Center, Baltimore, Maryland.
Elvis performed at the Community Center Arena, Tucson, Arizona.
Elvis flew to Los Angeles and then on to Palm Springs. Linda didn't go with him. She spent the next week in Puerto Rico with Vernon's wife, Dee.
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