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Louisiana Hayride, Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport, Louisiana.

Elvis, Scotty and Bill performed both sides of their first single twice. Scotty even contributed a short guitar-solo.
Afterwards Sam knew Elvis had fully worked out his own performance style and could "stand on his own".
For one night Elvis joined a Hank Snow show, and met Bill Haley there. It took place at the Municipal Auditorium, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at 3.30 and 8.00 p.m.
Haley and Elvis were advertised, above Hank Snow himself, on the top half of the poster.
Elvis had dinner with Dewey Philips and Barbara Hearn at the State Café. He broke his two dental inserts.
Elvis was paid a visit by E.J. Cottrell, the army information officer. Cottrell reported to the Colonel that Elvis was still feeling homesick, although in good shape and doing a good job.
Elvis broke his finger playing touch football at Graceland.
Elvis was in Palm Springs for the weekend.
Elvis performed at the Duluth Arena, Duluth, Minnesota.
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