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The shooting for Loving You moved to the Jessup Ranch, north of Hollywood.
Elvis overdubbed vocals in Spanish for the song Guadalajara at Radio Recorders.
He also had 2 dental crowns applied at a cost of $170.
Elvis held a noon press conference at the Astroworld Hotel and talked about his musical roots, the current music scene and how his Sun records sounded "funny" to him now.
Elvis performed at the Annual Texas Livestock Show, Houston, Astrodome, Houston, Texas, at 2.00 and 7.45 p.m.
Elvis made a dramatic entrance in an open jeep, but he was discouraged both during and after the first show because of the poor acoustics and what he judged to be an indifferent response from a less than capacity crowd. " I guess I just can't bring it in like I used to", he said between shows.
But then his spirits were lifted at the evening show by the great response from a crowd of 36,299 and according to the Los Angeles Times his performance was "masterful".
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