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Elvis performed at the High School, Gaston, Texas.
During the morning there were rehearsals for Stage Show at the Nola Studios. The show was broadcast from the CBS Studios at 8.00 p.m. Because of the weather and because Elvis was unknown in New York City there were not much people attending the show.
Elvis gave his first real interview since he was stationed in Germany. He confessed to Memphis DJ Keith Sherriff that he was still homesick and couldn't imagine himself doing anything at this point other than show business, "whether it's singing or working as a stagehand. You know, once it gets in your blood, it's hard to stay away from it."
Either this week or the next the whole Elvis group left the severe environment of the Hotel Grunewald and moved to the Goethestrasse, nearby. Frau Pieper, the landlady, charged them the enormous rent of $800 a month. However she still maintained a room in the house. Partly to serve as a housekeeper, partly to keep an eye on her new guests. Elvis' Grandma and Frau Pieper soon became fast friends, though they were often at odds, each in their own language.
The principal photography on Fun In Acapulco began at Paramount Studios. All of Elvis' scenes were filmed in Hollywood, with background material shot in Acapulco.
Again there were some rumors about the selling of Elvis' contract by the Colonel. Elvis telephoned the Colonel but was reassured by him: "not unless they want to pay us enough so we can retire and not have to work any more. If they want us u under those conditions I strongly suggest our selling."
Priscilla and friends flew in from Las Angeles.
Elvis On Tour was awarded as the best feature documentary of 1972. Elvis however was ill almost from the start of the engagement. The press attributed his evident lack of energy and interest to the effects of illness, but some of the fans and the guys around him were worried about a deeper spiritual malaise.
The special recording session at Graceland in the Jungle Room was postponed due to the funeral of a Denver police officer. Elvis arranged for J.D. Sumner and the Stamps to sing at the service and he wore a specially tailored Denver police captain's uniform to the service.
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