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Elvis performed at the High School Gym, New Boston, Texas.
Elvis continued with his recording session from 4.00 to 7.00 p.m. at the RCA studio at McGavock Street. There were some ballads recorded with some of the Jordanaires as backup vocals.
Elvis was traveling to Los Angeles by train. There were huge crowds at every stop. The Colonel had leaked information to DJ's along the way.
Elvis tried to convince Priscilla's parents to let her stay in Memphis, but she had to fly home on schedule to Frankfurt, Germany.
Elvis returned to Memphis, where he would stay until January 24.
Elvis was planning to wear an American-eagle jumpsuit and cape, which were specially designed for the occasion by Bill Belew. However on the night before the show Elvis gave away his belt to the wife of his friend Jack Lord. Joe Esposito made a quick call to Belew to obtain another belt and this was send immediately.
Elvis spent both this day and the next at the podiatrist and the dentist.
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