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November 21, 1970
Around this time during one of Elvis' visits to Palm Springs, Elvis met the Vice President, Spiro Agnew. Elvis wanted to give Agnew a special gun as a present, which the Vice President had to refuse. However, he was very impressed by Elvis patriotic sentiments.
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"I used to hold my niece & dance around the room with her while listening to Elvis Sings for Kids. She loved it & we had a lot of fun. Now as an adult she still listens to Elvis when she isn't practicing the piano, flute or guitar. But, I guess we are too unsophisticated to admit seeing music from a child's level. But, what is all the fuss? Old McD has been around for eons as a childrens/folk song & certainly easier to handle than Rhumba in a Sports Car or whatever the hell it's called. I personally thought Elvis would have done a heck of a job on "Lullabye & Goodnight"!"


To commemorate Elvis' 85th birthday in January 2020, Elvis for...more
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Just over a week ago Sony Legacy released the 11CD box Elvis Live 1969, containing 11 complete shows recorded during Elvis August 1969 gig at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. Is it worth the money?more
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