The new and enthusiastic Belgian fan club Elvis Matters organized its first meeting. And to make a good start they invited James Burton to come to Mol, Belgium.more
Updated: Oct 12, 2003
Last Monday, March 19, he was inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in the "Sidemen"-category, a well-deserved honour, which should be followed for the rest of the TCB-band soon.more
Updated: Mar 25, 2001
Last week we had an EmaiIInterview with Joe Franklin. In that interview Joe said that he had Elvis on his TV show in 1955.more
Updated: Oct 30, 2001
This week we take a look at an Elvis related website, the John Wilkinson Website, by Mr. Wilkinson's' official consent. Nice to see that the site for this musician is "made in Belgium".more
Updated: Sep 11, 2000
We got an email from Robin Stevens with some great stories from Johnny Cash on meeting Elvis, seeing Elvis perform and playing together with Elvis and the "Million Dollar Quartet".more
Updated: Feb 21, 2002
The first impression is overwhelming: when you enter Jordan’s Elvisworld you can see Jordan puts a lot of effort in his site, there are over twenty items in the menu.more
Updated: Sep 13, 1999
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