Is Sony really ignoring Elvis?more
Updated: Nov 25, 2010
Byebye 2004, welcome 2005! And with the new year I am honored to introduce a new, regular column in Written by yours faithfully.more
Updated: Jan 6, 2005
No one can doubt that for Elvis’ legacy, and for the members of the official Elvis Presley Fan Club who made it happen it has been an amazing start to 2005 with Elvis dominating the singles chart for almost half a year. The Concert is still a success, but what for the future?more
Updated: May 11, 2005
Perhaps it all boils down to the fact that 25 years after his death, the seemingly never-ending well of unreleased Elvis music is finally drying up. It begins to look as if the best finds from the vaults has already seen the light of day.more
Updated: May 3, 2002
Margaret Mitchell’s Pulitzer Prize-winning “Gone With The Wind” portrayed the American South as a place of wealth and noble gentility where beautiful belles in hoop skirts dwelled in white-columned antebellum plantations and were pursued by handsome, gallant gentlemen suitors.more
Updated: Mar 9, 2009
Elvis fans don't need to be worried about Robbie 'Take That' Williams becomming an younger replacement of Elvis Presley. He misses charisma, looks and of all: The voice.more
Updated: Nov 19, 2002
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